"At Waterloo, we believe that by instilling a deep appreciation for the importance of science and engineering in a society, we encourage students to discover and create technologies that will enhance our quality of life. We applaud the Mitchell Odyssey Foundation for its efforts to upgrade high school science facilities across Canada, an investment that will pay dividends for generations to come.”
University of Waterloo
/ Pearl Sullivan, Dean, Faculty of Engineering

“The Mitchell Odyssey Foundation has definitely played a pivotal role in bringing science excitement to both students and teachers at Palmer Secondary by spurring collaboration between teachers and encouraging students to explore the possibilities.  When time and resources are avlable for students and teachers to be creative, to play, to think, to investigate; minds can be challenged and opportunities opened.”
R.C. Palmer Secondary / John Shim, Lead Teacher

“This fantastic program provides students with an opportunity to explore science and technology in a hands-on way.”
Templeton Secondary / Chris Atkinson, Principal

“With the help of the Mitchell Odyssey Fund, we were able to provide our students with numerous opportunities to engage in dissections - students thought it was great to actually touch and dissect the organisms that they learned in class.”
Delview Secondary / Van Chau, Science Department Head

“This funding has afforded us many opportunities to provide our students with a wider array of experiences that promote and foster a greater understanding, appreciation, and excitement around the field of science.”
AR MacNeill Secondary / Steve Rauh, Vice Principal

“An experience we won't soon forget. I loved the unique way of teaching.”
Grade 9 students / Odyssey Field Trip


If you are interested in participating in the Odyssey Schools Program, please contact Cheryl Kristiansen, Managing Director at
604-889-0530 or

Odyssey Schools

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